Sunday, 11 December 2011

Wouldn't want to be old now would you?

Afternoon snack time at our house. Richard pulls out a 'squeezy', which are Fruit Hits, basically pureed fruit in a squeezy foil bag thing. Hence the name.

Lochlan loves these, and he can have them occasionally because the carbohydrates can be accounted for easily enough.

Richard hands it to Lochlan, says 'chug that back boy'. To which I tell him off, to the tune of him going 'scull, scull, scull, scull' to Lochlan. He gets told off by me, again.

To which he replies:

"If we do it enough now, by the time he's 21 and his mate says it to him, he'll just turn around and say 'eeewww, my dad says that'."

I like the logic, just don't think that it's going to work that way.

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