Friday, 2 December 2011

Three little things...

Just a couple of little ones that were heard today.

Richards daughter Kelly is here at the moment, just come down for a quick visit til tomorrow. She's sitting on the floor, playing with the two boys, and they've got my measuring cups and spoons.

Richard looks over. "Ahhh. Two boys, one cup huh?"

Earlier in the day, Lochlan was playing down the hallway, doing something that he shouldn't, and I hear Richard call him and say "Come here maraca head."


So I ask him what he means by that.

"If he keeps doing that, I'll shake him til he rattles."


(No, he wouldn't, just for all those about to go running for the phone to call CYFS)

Then at dinner, we're sitting there talking about manners etc, as Lochlan has just burped (and said 'pardon me'), and I was discussing another time when Lochlan had let out a massive, long, loud fart at the table. I couldn't find a way to describe it properly, so Richard pipes up:

"Like a career alcoholic with an onion fetish."

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  1. "Ahhh. Two boys, one cup huh?"

    Now that cracked me up, funny as all f**k :)