Sunday, 4 December 2011

Someone is rather sick at the moment.

So. I have a sick husband at the moment. Not the dreaded 'man flu', but when he gets sick, he gets sick.

Poor bugger.

While he's sick, he doesn't come out with many interesting comments, just mainly 'cough cough', 'bleugh', 'ugh', and 'meh'.

So I thought I'd post up one he said last week.

I was ironing one of his shirts for something he had to go to, and was out in the garage, because its the safest place to iron with two small children running around.

Now, this iron is old. Like, older than me old. As in it was my grandfathers old. Its a wonderful heavy iron (I got a new one, and promptly swapped it with my mother so I could have this one).

It has had insulation tape wrapped around the cord for as long as I can remember, and the tape gets changed when it starts to peel off.

So I was ironing his shirt, just up to the last bit (folding the collar down and ironing that flat), when I picked it up.

It went BANG!  and promptly caught on fire.

"F**K! RICHARD! FIRE!" Was what came out of my mouth. Just after I finished saying that, the RCD tripped, and cut the power, so the fire went out.

However, it was on fire long enough that I seriously considered throwing it through the window, just to get it outside, and away from the boys.

The remains:

We were talking about it later that night, and I said I was still shaking a bit from it.

"Yeah, you seem a bit fazed by it."

He then thought about that comment for 10 seconds, giggled, and said 'no pun intended'.



  1. Just FYI (and I realise it's impossible to think logically in an emergency situation), water would have been a bad, bad, bad idea. Don't put water on electrical fires.

  2. Yeah, it's ok Kat, I'm married to an electronics technician hobbyist. I know ALL about electrical fires LOL.