Tuesday, 29 November 2011

So we're at BK tonight...

I've got a part time job working with the election. I'm not doing anything exciting, but hey, the pay is good.

This is the first time that I've actually worked in over 3 years. I haven't worked since I went on maternity leave with Lochlan. So I'm feeling great, earning a bit of 'pin money', getting out and about, having actual adult conversations.

But, I'm also buggered. And I can't be bothered cooking the moment I walk in the door either. Richard has been fantastic, looking after both the boys so that I am able to do this, and he even got dinner cooked for me last night too. (Too bad I was too sick to eat it, but that's a story for another day). So I suggested that we go and get something completely unhealthy cooked for us, as a treat. Of course, it took Richard all of 3 milliseconds to decide, which was a resounding 'why not?'.

So after we picked up Lochlan from preschool, I asked Lochlan what he wanted for dinner. He said what nearly every child I know of would reply with when presented with that option.

"A burger, and chips, and sauce AND A NEW TOY!"

So after explaining to Richard that I had not instructed Lochlan in anyway to say that (I hadn't!), we had the usual argument. I like McDonalds, Richard doesn't. Wendys in Tauranga is nothing like the ones in Auckland, so that's out. KFC is waaaaaaaay too greasy for me (no gallbladder - greasy food and I are no longer friends), there is no Burger Wisconsin in Tauranga (sob!), so that left us with one option.

Burger King.

Now, I don't mind BK, but sometimes I find it... gross. I've got to be in the mood for it. I wasn't tonight, but in the interests of familial harmony, I just went along with it.

So we're there, eating our burgers. Lochlan, being a typical 3 year old, picks up his drink. Which he then drops.

Of course, I was too slow to catch it, due to having chips in one hand, and a burger in the other at the time. It bounced off his chair the right way up, to land on its side, on the ground.

Coke Zero everywhere.

So Richard gets up, grabs one of the 'bots', and asks for the manager. The manager comes over, sees the mess on the floor, and you see her eyes bug out and her face drop. You all know the look, the 'which god did I annoy to get this punishment today?' look.

Richard being Richard says:

"Hi, as you can see, my child has happened to your store."

The look on the managers face was priceless.

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