Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Cartoons getting older.

Well, we turned on the TV this morning to KidZone on channel 7. After that finished at 8 am (thanks a lot TVNZ), we switched over to FOUR, because that usually has cartoons on.

Now, before I go too far, I wish to apologise in advance to anyone who may get offended by this post, it is not meant to offend, but I know that its going to upset at least one person. And to you, whoever you are, I'm sorry.

So once FOUR gets its crap organised, a cartoon pops up. Nothing unusual, I hear you say. No, you're quite right, it's not. But I noticed that the characters name are familiar.

Oh hey, its the Rugrats kids. But they're all grown up. Well, they're now teenagers.

While I realise that many of you will be like 'well duh, that has been out since like 2003', we don't have Sky. Hence no Nickelodeon channel. So we've never seen it before.

So I'm watching the opening credits, and whether it was inattention, or I had turned around to say something to one of the (3) kids I seem to have in my house, I didn't see the credits for Tommys younger brother, Dil Pickles.

(Yes, you just read that correctly, and no, its not the aim of this post.)

I turned to Richard, and said to him that I wondered what happened to Tommys little brother.

"Cot death?" Was the reply I received.

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  1. I think that response is quite adequate given the circumstance