Thursday, 13 September 2012

Well, it has been a while...

Yip, I've been slack again.

However, during this 'slack' time, I've completed two papers (A and B+), started 3 more, had a very sick baby (twice - once hospitalised with Rotavirus, then 6 weeks later he gets a notifiable bacteria called Yersinia), Lochlan was granted a trial insulin pump (which we are still on, awaiting funding application - $7500 is a little more than we have!!!!!), Connor is starting to talk, and we also recently found out that we're going to be grandparents (stay tuned for an update at 6pm).

So. All that aside, this is a 'run that by me again' post - a collection of beauts that have come out of either Satan incarnate, or the eldest male spawn of previously mentioned Satan. (Love you Richard...)

Without further ado :

Beauts from a 3 year old -

I went in to test him a few nights ago, and it came out at 3.3 (which is low). I thought I had squeezed, so sent Richard in - nope 3.4. So we feed him some sugar (which he hates... LOL), and waited the required 10 minutes until we could test again. (He was still awake the entire time too) I went in to test, and was greeted with -

"Your turn again huh?"

Just the way he said it, had me cracking up for ages.

The other night, Richard downloaded the trial for the second game in the series that he plays with Lochlan. They both just call this game 'Russians' (See earlier blog post here for more WTF comments to do with this game). Anyway, Richard and Lochlan had a go, and because Richard didn't know the game very well, he got shot and died. They left the game to do something, and then came back to the computer. Lochlan wants to play Russians 1, Richard wants to play Russians 2. Lochlan doesn't like it when Richard gets killed, because it means the end of the game, and bedtime usually. So they're arguing over which game to play.

Lochlan - "I want that one." (Pointing to Russians 1)

Richard - "But I want to try the new one again."

"But you die in that one Daddy!"

"Have a *little* faith in Daddy..."

"No. Lets play this one"

Love his faith in his father! :)

Last night, I went in to test Lochlan. It must of been 9:30pm, or around there anyway.

Sneak into his room.

He sits up, and looks at me. Wide awake.

"What are you still doing awake??"

"I'm not awake Mummy - I'm sleeping really!"

Had to go and show the preschool how to use the insulin pump that is now attached to Lochlan 24/7. Arrived there, watched the kids have morning tea, showed them, then went to leave. Lochlan decides he's going to be clingy. *sigh* Not good.

Luckily, one of the teachers sees this, and tries distracting him. Apparently they have a large 'car' outside, and Lochlan should go and drive it.

Lochlan gets asked how he drives, and mutters something about being a good driver, not a crazy driver.

So I have to ask -

"Is Mummy a crazy driver?"

"No, Mummy is a good driver. Mummy isn't a crazy driver"

So that leads to the next question...

"Is Daddy a good driver too?"

"NO!! Daddy is a CRAZY driver!"

...I think I need to talk with Daddy about this...

And a real beaut from Richard - 

Out of the 'I never thought I'd say that' files:

"Connor, don't feed the octopus into the printer."

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