Monday, 28 May 2012

Yes, I'd like a glass of vodka with that.

Richard and Lochlan have some 'Daddy and Son' bonding time playing a computer game.

I wish I could say it's a wholesome, child-friendly, 'G' rated game.

It's not.

In fact, it's a game where you have to go around killing Russian terrorists.

"Daddy? Can we play Russians?" Is a common question for Lochlan, aged 3. Bless his little cotton socks.

Anyway, they were playing the other night, and Richard shoots a guard.

Lochlan is sitting there, getting all excited.

Richard shoots another guard. Well, more accurately, throws a grenade over a wall, which then goes off and kills the guard, as well as smashing windows around the guard.

"Tinkle tinkle" goes the 3 year old.

Richard rounds the corner, shoots at another guard. The guard, after being shot with a jackhammer, understandably falls down dead.

"Why is he on the ground Daddy?" Lochlan questions the sniper that is his father.

"Because he's deadski" replies Richard.

"Deadski? What's deadski Daddy?"

"Well, it's like dead, but Russian."

Yip, after a comment like that, I wouldn't mind a stiff drink or two (no pun intended).

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